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Technologies Developed by University

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Organic Red Pigment for Dye Application


  1. The dye is a fungal pigment, i.e., natural color.
  2. It can be produced in solid-state fermentation and submerged fermentation using various fruit and food industry waste. The process can be scale up in industrial scale production.
  3. The extracellular pigment can be separated from fungal biomass using centrifugation or filtration. Therefore, the cost for extraction process will be reduced.
  4. It can be produced using fruit and food processing waste as a substrate. So the feedstock cost will be cheaper and zero waste for fruit and food processing industries.

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Value Added Products from Persimmon a very Astringent Fruit Grown in Hilly Area of Uttarakhand


  1. Being an astringent fruit persimmon is not very popular as table fruit and so may be utilized in the processing Industry as its value added products have tremendous market potential on account of its numerous health and medicinal benefits.

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Solar Safety Head Torch and Solar Safety Belt


  1. Reduce injury and accident due to poor lighting condition in indoor and outdoor.
  2. Saves money spent on kerosene oil.
  3. Reduces air pollution.
  4. The extra hours that the women get work at night, they got more time to spend with families.
    spend less on the kerosene, but more importantly, made money by doing skilled activities like stitching, knitting and embroidering etc.

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Coordination of all research activities, fundamental and applied in different disciplines of science and technology.
Administration, management and monitoring of research centres located at the main campus and outside in four agro-climatic zones covering all districts of Uttarakhand.

Dr. Ajeet Singh Nain
Director Experiment Station